Order policy - Terms

Body Soul Goddess offers services for women to help increase their self-confidence, and self-esteem. Services purchased from Body Soul Goddess and/or from/by Shannon Sukovaty means you are engaging with Body Soul Goddess, Shannon Sukovaty, and/or employees of Body Soul Goddess as an empowerment mentor, in all services offered; one-to-one mentoring, group mentoring, courses, books, workshops, retreats, or other products and/or services. 

Please read all Terms and Conditions carefully and any and all other terms and contracts to confirm your details on your order to ensure they are accurate. If you think there may be a mistake on your purchase order regarding the Terms, the Contract, or any of the Conditions please contact us asap. 

You agree that Body Soul Goddess services and products contain proprietary Content that is owned by the company and its licensors and is protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws. You acknowledge and consent to digital content and intellectual property is made available to you when you purchase any of Body Soul Goddess’s services, and products. Duplicating, sharing, or uploading service or product files is considered stealing and Body Soul Goddess maintains the right to forfeit any and all services, or products to you and has the right to prosecute according to the governing laws regarding copyright infringement, or intellectual property infringement. 

Body Soul Goddess reserves the right to suspend, terminate, or limit your participation without refunding any monies already paid, or reducing your obligation to any agreed Terms if it is determined and confirmed that you are becoming disruptive, not abiding by the rules, becoming a negative influence online or on social media towards our company (Body Soul Goddess) or any of it’s employees, or contractors, or if you are impairing the participation or progress of any other clients or mentors. 

The pricing of all services and products has been set in advance and is presented to you upon receipt of the order. Pricing is subject to change, but will never change for a specific order once that order has processed, and/or the contract for services has been fully received and signed. 

Body Soul Goddess may at times offer flexible payment options to pay in installments via a payment schedule. If you choose this option for payment on any services and/or products the payments must be received on time or you may be suspended from the service program offered. All terms in your client agreement and contract will go into detail about any actions that may arise due to non-payment of a payment plan. Including but not limited to interest due on late payments, termination of the contract, and/or legal action to pursue collection of any monies owed to Body Soul Goddess, its employees, or affiliates. 

Our refund policy on services and products is as follows; All deposits made to secure a space in or for a one-to-one mentor program, a group workshop or course program, or any other service program is non-refundable once paid and the contract is signed. If you have purchased a program that has a 14-day money-back guarantee you must cancel within 14 days of said program, this is limited and only valid for any program that states a 14-day money-back guarantee and is not valid on any other services, programs, or products. In order to receive any monies back for cancellation of any mentor program, live workshop, or course you must request a refund as follows; more than 28 days prior to the program start date a 10% fee is charged,  less than 28 days prior to the program start date a 50% fee is charged, less than 14 days prior to the program start date a 75% fee is charged, 7 days prior to any program is non-refundable and 100% will be charged. 

Body Soul Goddess, its employees, and affiliates offer services, and products to help empower women. We will always strive to provide the highest quality and level of service and products and guarantee that all services and products are exactly as presented. We are fully transparent about all services and products offered, any questions about any services or products should be presented to us prior to purchase or signing a contract. All custom services and products are designed and created solely for you, and require a one-to-one consultation, and/or questionnaire prior to receiving. Clients understand and acknowledge that custom-personalized services and products will take two to four weeks to produce, sometimes longer. Body Soul Goddess, its employees, or affiliates can not and will not be held responsible for any lack of results from any of its mentor programs, courses, workshops, retreats, and/or any other services or products. You, the client understand that all services and products are sold as a way to help increase intuition and help empower the client, however, all results are unique and may vary. You understand that it is your responsibility to get the most out of our services and products.

Body Soul Goddess will make every effort to complete services on time, however, we reserve the right to changes in services and/or products due to unforeseen circumstances, events out of our control, weather events, internet outages, pandemics, epidemics, or other a natural disasters. Body Soul Goddess will make every effort to reschedule as soon as possible within a reasonable amount of time and according to the companies and/or employee’s or affiliate’s availability.