About our founder

Shannon Sukovaty
Founder / CEO

Who am I?  I’m so many things, a mom, a wife, a performer, a multi-business owner, a mermaid, a unicorn, a medium and “clair”, but what makes my soul shine is being an Intuitive Divine Feminine Empowerment Mentor and Guide for women around the world! Body Soul Goddess was created out of love and a passion to help women reconnect to their divine feminine to step into and OWN their power and sexuality, so they can create the health, wealth, love and joy they want in their lives!

With a lifetime of being a professional performer I know a thing or two about warding off external factors that take us out of our divine feminine, make us feel less-then, that sabotage our self-esteem, self-confidence, fade our sexuality, and make us feel like our bodies are not “right” if they don’t look a certain way. I taught myself at a very early age how to block out the negative, stay connected to my divine feminine and follow my own intuition. I was fortunate to have guidance to help me with my mediumship and “clair” gifts as a child, and as a teen I began studying all I could about different ways I could use these gifts to help keep myself connected to my soul’s intuition. 

I pursued my degree in performing arts and exercise physiology, understanding that knowledge of the human form would help me with dance and stage movement. I then began teaching dance and movement in-between gigs and up-leveled my teaching by attaining certifications in drama, dance, fitness, yoga, meditation and recently have achieved certifications in therapeutic arts coaching, life coaching, and life-story coaching.

I have launched, operated and sold multiple successful businesses, both online and in the real world. I have tapped into my divine feminine to keep my body healthy and in a state of loving it, to increase my wealth and grow my businesses, and of course to attract love. I am here to guide you back to your divine feminine to be the sexy power goddess you are meant to be!